Cement Bulkers

  • Capacity | 40 ton / 55 ton / 70 ton / 80 ton / 100 ton / As Per Demand
  • Types | V shape – Round Shape
  • Material | MS with highest property of wear and tear resist
  • Compressor | 12/14 cum/minute
  • Engine | 32/36/45 KW 4102, 4105, 4103
  • Test Pressure | 45 PSI
  • Suspension | Leafspring
  • Brakes | ABS- Normal as per client demand
  • Axles | Heavy duty with solid as well as hollow shafts of internationally recognized brands i.e FUWA, BPW e.t.c
  • King Pin | Internationally recognized brands such as JOST
  • Landing Legs | Internationally recognized brands such as JOST
  • Top platform | Chequred steel plate
  • Surface Treatment | Sand Blasting and Epoxy paint as per client color scheme

Al-Jassar Engineering is a well known brand for manufacturing highly efficient, quick discharge Cement bulkers. Everything is design and manufactured according to all ASME laws/ safety and standards. Al Jassar is the first and only company to manufacture these cement bulkers after a long struggle of experimentation and design. These were then started to be manufactured in bulk quantities and were sold to public, private, local and international clients. These are highly recommended in large scale projects to remove the effort of handling cement in bags. Cement Bulkers for sale are available, To get a free quotation contact us.

 Cement Bulker Working and system :

A hose pipe is connected from the vessel’s discharge to the cement silo’s inlet and cement flows out with great pressure to fill the cement silo. The normal discharge time to empty the vessel is around 30-45 minutes. For loading the cement inside the vessel, top hatches are given from which the cement is filled inside the vessel. Al Jassar has made the cement bulkers safer than ever by providing extra safety valves which are set to open if the pressure goes beyond 30 PSI thus avoiding any accident to occur. For the detailed definition of this semi-trailer click here. Cement Bulkers for sale are available, To get a free quotation contact us.

This is a pressure vessel provided with the set of diesel engine and compressor. the engine drives the compressor and thus the compressor creates pressure inside the vessel. The recommended working pressure is 30 PSI maximum though it is tested at 45 PSI. The V shape of cement bulker allows the cement to flow smoothly and quickly from the bulker. There’s a proper calculated aeriation system installed inside the bulker for the compressed air to go inside the bulker and push the cement from each and every corner of the vessel so there is no cement left inside the bulker while unloading.